Helping Orphans & the Homeless

Building homes, helping Orphanages, improving healthcare, education and spiritual life for the children in orphanges

Lightshine Expansion to Mexico

Helping Orphans & the Homeless - In October 2015 Paul was invited to journey to Mexico to translate in for a team of two contractors and 20 ‘laborers’. The team was gathered by Seattle ministries “Teleios” and DADS. The goal of their trip was to build two (2) homes for homeless families.

The DADS/Teleios group is one of dozens of teams to visit Mexico each year to build ‘homes for the homeless’. Groups stay at an orphanage in the Tijuana/Baja area each evening, while working all day at their designated construction project. 

The primary group arranging the construction projects is DOXA. It was started about 20 years ago in Seattle through University Presbyterian Church and has orchestrated about 1,700 homes for very poor, homeless families. DOXA does not give away ‘free’ homes. Recipient families must participate in helping, which typically includes 100 hours of community service to be provided prior to the construction of a home.

My wife (Grisela) and I returned to Baja, Mexico in November 2015 to meet with the Mexican directors for DOXA. Grisela was born in Jalisco, Mexico, but lived in Baja after age 8. We both felt that God was calling us to help DOXA continue their projects to build homes, but also to expand DOXA services through helping the orphanages in the Tijuana area.

In January 2016 I returned to Mexico to meet with the U.S. Director for DOXA (Alex Koppes). Alex and I spent several days together in Mexico and nearby San Diego talking and planning how we could work together. Lightshine has over 10 years experience working with orphans in Nicaragua and Peru, which Alex believed would be a great match for the dreams DOXA has for improving health care, education and spiritual life for the children living in orphanages in and near Tijuana, Mexico.

Over a span of many years Lightshine has taken MANY teams from the U.S. to work in Peru: Teams such as contractors-carpenters, youth groups and health care professionals.

Come join Lightshine and our partner (DOXA) for a life-changing week in Mexico!  

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